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Reliable Security Solutions

For over 40 years, Pacific Lock and Safe has been supplying security equipment to financial institutions, corporations, jewelers, commercial enterprises, and private residences. We carry a complete selection of safes and security products in addition to providing a full range of locksmithing and support services.

We are highly regarded by the insurance industry for our efforts to provide accurate and helpful information to our clients. Our goal is to help clients understand the security features of our products so they can make a responsible decision.

We're here to help you get a handle on your security. We do everything in our power to educate clients about our products and services. Some of the things we may ask you to consider prior to purchasing:

What kind of protection do you need - fire or burglary or both?
What Will you be using the safe for - computer discs, paperwork, money, jewellry?
What size availablility do you have?
What type of lock will you need - combination or electrronic - and what type of key?
Where do you intend to keep your safe?